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In the last 5 years, DVR has become a very common device in our home theater. We have a lot of choice, like Dish Network, TiVo, Direct TV, etc. Most DVRs have 320GB to 500GB HDD storage, but it still is a problem. We want to backup our favorite TV shows, so we can enjoy them in the future time. But the DVR will not have enough space to store all the HD shows no matter how big the disk is. More and more people start to search and try to find a way to transfer data from DVR to Computer. Actually, there are several ways to transfer data from DVR to computer, or other storages. Here we will give your one common way, in which you can transfer the data from any model of DVRs to your computer.

In this way, what you need is a DVD record, or one computers with capture card. First, you need to connect your S-VIDEO CABLE to the your DVR s-video output port. Then, you should connect another end, red/white/yellow port of your s-video cable to the composite video input of your DVD recorder or computer capture card.

If you use the DVD recorder, you just need to insert a blank DVD inside the DVD recorder. Make sure the unit is on and ready to record. Then you can start to record the program from your DVR until the program completes.

If you use a computer, you need to install some DVD record software. You can search on google about it. There are lots of DVD record software, and they are with very low price, DVD Recorder 1.5 for example. You need to run the software before you start the record. You need to select where you want to save the record data, in your hard disk, or in a DVD, it’s up to you. The last step is click “Start record” and record your favorite shows.

Analog out of DVR to a DVD set top recorder, or to a video capture card. This way is easy, but time consuming, because it is done in thr real-time. That means if you have 1 hour show, it will cost 1 hour to record, or backup. So you need to consider it when you decide to do your backup in this way.

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