DVR Without Subscription

Get DVR without subscription, is it possible? Since the DVR run into our life 10 years ago, it made a huge change in the way how we watch the TV. We don’t need to worry about missing our favorite TV shows when we are busy on other thing. And we can also watch our favorite shows whenever we want and don’t be bothered by advertisement, while we have to subscribe to the programing guide with a monthly fee. Nowadays, almost of the DVR are offered by all of the cable and satellite TV companies. But, you still can get a DVR without subscription. And you have several options.

TiVo Lifetime Subscription
TiVo Premiere DVR works great with over-the-air TV, they provide a service option for one time payment, tivo lifetime subscription. After you buy this service with TIVO DVR. You can watch their premium videos for your whole life, and you don’t need to pay any subscription fee. And there is a best feature in TIVO DVR. You can record DVR in DVD. It’s easy to transfer recorded TV shows from your TiVo box to your PC or Mac so you can watch your favorites wherever you go. Once you’ve transferred your recorded TiVo shows to your PC or Mac, you can create DVDs that you can play in your DVD player.

Channel Master
channel master

This is the real DVR without subscription. The main product of the channel Master is Channel Master CM-7000PAL Digital Video Recorder. It is one type of DTVPal-DVR, but more advanced. With this unit, you can view and record local over-the-air digital broadcasts. It also has the same function like pause, fast forward and rewinds the TV programs. You can evenuse the slow motion feature to watch clips frame by frame. It also provides an electronic program guide which allows you to pre-set recording schedules. The most import part is that there are NO monthly subscription fees.


The DTVPal DVR can records free over-the-air HDTV. And it doesn’t need any monthly fees. At the same time, it also records the video streaming in excellent quality. Like common DVR, it also can record two programs simultaneously from one antenna. But it still has shortage. It works more like a VCR than a modern DVR. With the poor user interface, it is very hard to use for a common user. It also lacks the polish of TiVo HD or Dish’s own HD DVRs. By the way, it has a very terrible warranty and return policy.

Windows Media Center PC
If you are computer expert, it is another option for you. You can build windows media center pc, with a television tuner card. That’s a rather elaborate solution for most folks. And you also need to match the card’s output connections to your TV’s inputs. Otherwise, you could be limited to watching on your computer monitor. Some tuners must be installed inside the computer. Others are external, connection via a USB port. The USB options I easier to set up. Most tuners are made by Hauppauge, Pinnacle and ATI. They start around $50 to $130. It’s just a onetime fee, much cheaper than month subscription fees.

Amazon Instant Video
Amazon Instant Video is another great choice for you. You don’t need to subscribe any services from Amazon, but you can enjoy more than 120,000 movies and TV shows. There is an one month free trial membership today. With the free membership, you can access the instance streaming of movies and TV shows and thousands of kindle ebooks. You can also get free shipping services when you buy any goods from Amazon. Without subscription, you have two way to enjoy the movies and TV shows. You can either buy the movies or rent the movies for 24 hours.

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