iPad Camera Connection Kit

Apple release the IPad accessary – IPad Camera Connection Kit. With this accessary, you have two ways to import photos and videos from the digital camera: using the camera’s USB cable or copying from the SD card directly. It also supports all the common picture format like JPEG and RAW. At the same time, it also supports the SD and HD video formats, including H.264 and MPEG-4. Inside the IPad Camera Connection Kit, there are two connectors for you: camera connector and SD card reader.

Camera Connector

With the Camera Connector, it’s incredibly easy to copy your photos and videos from the digital camera to iPad. After you plug in your camera (my camera is Canon 40D), the photos preview start to appear on the iPad. Just with seconds, you can preview your all photos which are in the digital camera. You can select individual photos or choose to import all photos from the camera.

SD Card Reader Connector

With SD Card Reader Connector, you can import photos and videos directly from your SD cards. You just need to connect it to your iPad, and then insert the SD card into the slot. After that, your iPad will automatically open the photo application and let you preview and choose the photos and videos to import. You can review all your importing photos and videos in the albums. The besting thing is when you sync iPad to your computer, all the photos and videos in the album will be added into your computer photo library.

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