The Best Internet Ready TV Reviews

On October 10, 2011, in Home Theater Guide, by James

Internet ready TV can bring your YouTube video, Skype video chat, twitter feeds on the screen which you can read. And it also allows you to control your Facebook page on the wide screen, too. The internet ready TV is about become unwrapped to the information super high way and bring you abundant of web resource on your home theater screen. All Internet ready TVs are smart TVs. They know how to connect to the internet and understand the internet languages. The internet ready TVs let you simply plug in, watch and sever the web at the same time.
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Sony Internet Smart TV Review

On September 27, 2011, in Home Theater Guide, by James

Sony Internet TV is one of the world’s first HDTV, which is powered by Google TV. It has a powerful search function which makes it smart. You can do an internet search while you are watching TV. The dual view feature of Sony Internet TV can allow you to enjoy the TV and website at the same time. When you are watching a new show, you can go to twitter and find out what your friends’ comment. You can also access the YouTube through the app that is already installed.
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The Numerous Features of Internet Ready TV

On September 14, 2011, in Home Theater Guide, by James

Right after the success of iPads, netbooks, and netphones, a new breed of home entertainment has been launch through the internet ready TV. In contrast to common expectations, it’s not Microsoft, Apple, or Google who pioneered in this technological advancement but the television makers themselves; Sony, LG, Panasonic, Sharp, Philips, Toshiba, Samsung, etc.

The above mentioned television brands have specifically partnered to certain websites to make such innovation possible. For example, Sony is offering Youtube and Amazon video or video contents, LG partnered with Netflix, and Panasonic offers Bloomberg and Picassa media contents. With this knowledge in mind, it is ideal that you must check first what media and internet channel options a particular television brand offers prior to your purchase.
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TV and Internet Packages

On September 8, 2011, in Home Theater Guide, by James

A lot of telecommunications companies have embarked on offering both TV and internet packages. Most of the time, packages are also coupled with free telephone service. This could be a great opportunity for households to cut down their monthly utility bills and still enjoy the services and utilities they require. There are a number of reasons why telecom companies are able to provide such a budget-friendly package.
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Connect TV to Internet

Internet media content is growing rapidly. Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, all these Internet stuff become one part of our life. We spend more and more time on Internet entertainment. And all these Internet content can be watched on our HDTV now. What we need to do is just to connect TV to Internet.

Several years ago, connect tv to Internet is just an impossible work. Every time when we want to watch the movie from Internet, we need to download them to our computers, then use the HDMI cable to connect TV to computer. But it is quite time consuming and complicated because you need to wait till you download the whole movie to you computer. If you subscribe the DVR service, it will be better. You can watch the paid Internet connect from your HDTV through your DVR. The only problem is that you need to pay for the subscription fee monthly.
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